Kyle Peterson, Owner

Pacific Crest Nursery was started in 2018 by Kyle Peterson and his wife Cyndi. After over 17 years working in the industry, Kyle’s passion for plants and leadership merged, resulting in the pursuit of his dream of starting his own nursery. We are committed to quality, diversity, and sustainability in the way we grow our plants and the way we grow our company. 


Nurseries exist in an industry where nobody absolutely needs their product. Therefore, high quality plants are the key to standing out in the market. Our goal is to provide amazing product that stops people in their tracks. We strive to create long-lasting relationships with our customers by offering guidance and expert knowledge for growing plants. 


We celebrate diversity in our product line and in our company. Every year our product offering will grow with fantastic and unique items that will be sure to amaze. We encourage a wide range of personalities and backgrounds at our company so that we can collaborate with different views, perspectives, and inspirations to create the very best combinations and innovative ideas. 


We love the world we live in and will do our part to make it better. While we are not an organic producer, we do operate with a strong biological pest control program which helps us to reduce the use of traditional chemical pesticides and create better value for our customers. Additionally, we participate with others in our industry and community to help sustain horticulture as a profession. By volunteering to take part in educational seminars and developing partnerships, our hope is to encourage young people to consider horticulture as a choice for a profession.  

Since we are new this year, our product line is small, but get ready to watch it grow! Thank you for your interest in our company and we look forward to building a strong relationship together!